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How To Build Affiliate Marketing Funnel For Free...

How To Build Affiliate Marketing Funnel For Free…

by CBTitan

Many of you wanted to know how to build funnels for free. This is the first video in the series. Also note, I will be covering many free techniques to build sales funnel for free in my future videos.

In this video, I have explained how most people do affiliate marketing the wrong way, and how you should do instead. Next, I have explained how to build a 3-page affiliate marketing funnel using a free platform. It also includes e-mail marketing automation so that you can follow up with your subscribers and increase your conversions.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
1:48 What is a funnel (short overview)
2:43 Wrong way of doing affiliate marketing
4:28 Correct way of doing affiliate marketing
8:54 Intro to MailerLite
11:01 Building affiliate marketing funnel
22:24 Setting up email automation in MailerLite to boost earnings and conversions
27:56 Testing the funnel (demo)
29:11 Outro
30:09 Thank you

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